Confusion is compounded by the different use of the namesake.

Confusion is compounded by the different use of the namesake, depending on the country in which they are used. Amid this confusion, the authors say, the scientists are calling for a descriptive classification of medical terms, particularly specialty . Instead of using eponyms, the authors say that maybe we should ‘use our interest in medical history fair and fair and truthful reports about scientific discoveries and to dissect individual contributions. ‘Editors of journals and textbooks should stop using eponyms, they demand.

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A number of Down syndrome interest groups have train educate medicine groups increase, and pregnant women and their partner midwives on the state of since the American College of and obstetrician recommend Excellent the past year that all pregnant women are offered a prenatal test for the condition, which AP / Belleville News-Democrat trusted of birth. Sens. Sam Brownback and Teddy Kennedy in November 2007, a bill would yield , which require doctors to complete medical information if type diagnose Down syndrome or different prenatally or after birth conditions support..