But conservatives in his caucus expressed opposition.

Mike Lee told supporters it had been a ‘false narrative predicated on an absolute lie’ and vowed to keep his efforts. ‘I want you to help communicate a message, a message to defeat a false narrative predicated on an total lie that has been perpetuated by the political ruling course elite in Washington, D.C., that's been reported by an all-too-willing-to-comply mass media dutifully, and that lie that the effort to avoid funding Obamacare can be an effort to turn off the government,on Thursday evening ‘ Lee said during a town hall meeting.Factors Contributing to Effects of Maternal Copy-Number Variants We identified two human population factors that donate to the consequences of maternal copy-quantity variants. First, the distribution of copy-number-variant sizes varies according to chromosome size, with chromosomes 13 and 18 having higher human population frequencies of large duplications compared to the smaller chromosome 21 . Second, the coefficient of variation of sequence reads for each chromosome modulates the result of how big is copy-number variants on the likelihood of false positive outcomes. For example, chromosome 13, which has the highest of the three examined coefficients of variation, may be the most buffered from the consequences of copy-number variants . Discussion Latest advances in cfDNA-based non-invasive prenatal screening possess yielded screening techniques with substantially better test-performance characteristics than previous approaches.5,6 However, the positive predictive value remains small in both low-risk and high-risk populations, and improvement of these screening testing, including delineation of potential mechanisms of false positive results, will be necessary as uptake of the form of screening continues to accelerate.