AXT are proud to announce the commencement of their distributorship with MR SOLUTIONS.

AXT establishes preclinical imaging portfolio with MR solutions product lines To coincide with the beginning of Lorne Cancer conference, AXT are proud to announce the commencement of their distributorship with MR SOLUTIONS, a world leader in the development of innovative preclinical imaging solutions How much is valacyclovir without insurance at CVS? . Their MRI systems are complimented by their multimodality capabilities with imaging modalities such as Family pet and SPECT for real-time / simultaneous imaging with MRI. Along with these MRI and nuclear technology, the product range is definitely complimented by their new innovative 3D optical imaging program – the CellLive miniaturised confocal endo-microscope.

PRESS RELEASE The American Veterinary Medical Association Panel of Directors has recommended for approval a new policy regarding veterinary pharmacology education for pharmacists, that will now go to the AVMA House of Delegates for authorization. The proposed new plan encourages veterinary pharmacology education through professional pharmacy curricula and continuing education, and reminds pharmacists to verify orders with prescribing veterinarians if there are questions. The policy also reminds veterinarians to make the prescriptions clear, and consistent with all continuing state rules to avoid medication errors. More information on this policy and others authorized at the AVMA Plank of Director’s spring meeting is available on the AVMA website.