AU Summit concentrating on maternal.

Museveni stated Africa’s youth must press for a socio-economic shift to modernize the continent, the Daily Monitor writes . Related StoriesNew BU research reveals challenges of providing good diet, hydration in people who have dementia in treatment homesNew guidelines for nourishment of administration GI symptoms in children with autismNutrition research must transformation to feed exploding globe population, say international experts’You can either be considered a progressive or reactionary youth.Internet technology were useful to support uniform data reporting. A campaign website with online access to down-loadable campaign social advertising materials provided important support to AHF’s companions. More info about the 2008 campaign, as well as the upcoming 2009 Ten Million Checks Campaign are available at Condom availability and distribution was another essential subject of today’s meetings including conversation of AHF’s upcoming worldwide LOVE Condoms Campaign, the goal of which can be to scale-up global support for renewed condom utilization by distributing ten million WHO-approved, high-quality condoms free of charge to any individual, nongovernmental or government agency which makes a commitment to support the campaign’s goal of achieving 100 percent usage of free condoms worldwide.