At RIC Centre for Bionic medicine.

The 20-minute video is available for viewing or downloading here.. From Groundbreaking for Mainstream medicineto help as many upper limb amputees with access to TMR surgery and bionic arm technology as possible, at RIC Centre for Bionic medicine, in collaboration with the Department of Plastic Surgery Northwestern University who first educational training educational training video for the TMR, surgical procedures. The video training is part of ongoing efforts to inform RIC for Health of the procedure and the ability to increase and improve. Lives of amputees around the world Kuiken and Dr. Gregory Dumanian developed the Northwestern University Department of Plastic Surgery, the video offers an overview of the training TMR surgical procedures, principles for the science behind TMR, information about patient selection, surgical technique and details on results and insights into rehabilitation after surgery.

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago partnership with Walter Reed Army Medical Center and others in the military health system was critical to this progress. To date, several surgeons were trained to TMR surgery for servicemen and women lost their arms lost their arms in the battle and homecoming about a dozen veterans who carry benefit from the procedure. I am happy Baechler and Glen Lehman is connected to a TMR – operated prosthetic present arms. .

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