Approximately 76 million Americans one in four of foodborne illness each year.

Approximately 76 million Americans – one in four – of foodborne illness each year, of which an estimated 325,000 are hospitalized and 5,000 die foodborne infections. Diseases cost U.S. $ 44 billion per year.

Our food safety system is out – of-date, under-funded and under-staffed. It is encouraging that this response was so fast, but we must to move to a system that focuses on prevention through the entire food production. It is also gratifying that Kraft Foods FDA FDA the results of the the results of the internal audit and food could the Setton Pistachio company Terra Bella, California, as the source of the contaminated pistachios -. However, it should be noted that the notification of this type is not required under the current food safety laws, as an intermediate step in the creation of a Food Safety Administration, and.

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