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Several nurses and a small number of American doctors working abroad have got reportedly contracted Ebola within the past several months, despite wearing the suggested safety equipment. This is a significant concern in the medical field, as frontline caretakers consider their overall threat of becoming infected. ‘Even though there have been a couple cases [of Ebola], many wellness systems are overwhelmed,’ said Dr. Kenrad Nelson, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and previous president of the American Epidemiological Society, to the AP. 75 percent of emergency doctors, 80 percent of infection professionals say facilities unprepared to deal with Ebola The largest concern is smaller sized hospitals, which can be less financially and logistically able to deal with an urgent disease outbreak.They reviewed data drawn from 13 international research conducted over a period greater than 40 years and found that adverse reactions in children were rare when compared to numbers of spinal manipulations performed. But those accidental injuries that occurred, such as paraplegia and stroke, were serious more than enough to warrant additional investigation and the advancement of an active surveillance registry to assemble data about the number and quality of adverse occasions so that exact risk estimates can be made. Despite the fact that spinal manipulation is commonly used on children, exceedingly few severe injuries or adverse occasions have been reported, said Dr.