Americans WORRIED ABOUT Prescription Painkiller Addiction: MONDAY.

Simultaneously, however, the researchers found that almost 60 % of Americans believe abuse of these medications is a significant community health concern. That’s comparable to Americans’ sights on other public health concerns such as gun violence and tobacco use, the researchers said. In 2012, drug overdoses, primarily involving prescription painkillers, surpassed car crashes to become the leading cause of injury death, the researchers said. Furthermore, costs related to abuse of these drugs is estimated to end up being around $50 billion a year. The study, published in the Oct. 7 online edition of the journal Addiction, included a web-based public opinion survey.This person has gone on to drop a total of 40 pounds in 2 a few months by subsequent these principals. The most consistent feedback I get from customers after the 10 days is usually that they no longer feel hungry during the day and have lost their desire, or cravings, for junky food. This allows them to move beyond the 10 times diet and continue to eat foods that are weighty on diet and light on calories. Sometimes, with regards to slimming down quickly and permanently, simple is best.

72-hour Ecuador booze ban to investigate contamination By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD After 23 alcohol related deaths the police confiscated 28 containers each holding 55 gallons of contaminated alcohol in Los Rios, a coastal province of Ecuador.