Allon Data files Preliminary Shelf Prospectus Allon Therapeutics Inc.

The Shelf Prospectus, when made final, will enable the business to provide up to $50 million of common shares, common share purchase warrants, units comprising common shares and partial or whole common talk about purchase warrants, preferred shares, debts securities and/or membership receipts entitling the holder to acquire, upon the fulfillment of certain release conditions and for no additional account, common shares, warrants, products or preferred shares during the 25-month period that the Shelf Prospectus, including any amendments thereto, remains effective.The Taskforce serves over 1,200 clients and their families in six counties in Northeast Ohio by giving vital social providers to include case management, nutrition, transportation and HIV/AIDS/STDs education/ prevention, research and advocacy. HIV/AIDS in Ohio Regarding to a written report from Harvard Regulation School's Middle for Health Rules and Policy Innovation, approximately 10, 000 Ohioans are currently living with HIV, and another 8,600 folks are coping with AIDS. However, these figures only take into account people who are aware of their HIV/AIDS status, and national estimates project 20 percent of people coping with HIV/Helps have not been tested and are unaware of their position.