AHF/Cambodia CARES and Cambodian Partners Surpassed Countrys 30.

‘With the start of the Water Festival, AHF/Cambodia CARES are certain to get an early on start and release our country’s participation in the ‘Testing Millions’ World AIDS Day 2009 advertising campaign. We will be testing in Phnom Penh and various other provinces and hyperlink those found to maintain positivity to a clinic for follow up care and access to lifesaving antiretroviral treatment as well as the positive prevention to avoid the spreading of the virus, and those who found as adverse will find out about HIV avoidance to keep them stay adverse’ said Chhim Sarath, M.D., AHF Nation Director for Cambodia.Each individual was asked, open-finished, whether or not he or she uses medications that ‘affect your disposition or assist you to loosen up,’ and about one in five answered yes. The types of medicines people use to this final end were not specified, and may include both ‘legal’ medications like pharma pills, nicotine and alcohol, and also various ‘illegal’ substances. The worst condition with the most medication use was West Virginia at 28.1 percent, implemented behind simply by Rhode Island at 25 carefully.9 percent, Kentucky at 24.5 percent and Alabama at 24.2 percent.