Aging does not appear to be a factor in poor sleep Defying expectations: Study of 150.

Or at least that’s how people reported their rest. ‘Even if rest among older Us citizens is in fact worse than in youthful adults, feelings about it still improve with age group,’ said Grandner, Study Associate at the guts for Rest and Circadian Neurobiology at the Perlman College of Medication at the University of Pennsylvania. ‘Once you element out things such as illness and depression, the elderly ought to be reporting better sleep. If they’re not, they have to talk to their doctor. They shouldn’t simply ignore it.’ Grandner said the study’s initial intent was to confirm that increased sleep problems are connected with aging, using the largest and most representative sample ever to address this presssing issue.Sarpeshkar and his college students describe their brand-new chip, which they possess dubbed the radio frequency cochlea, in a paper in the June issue of the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits. They have also filed for a patent to incorporate the RF cochlea in a universal or software program radio architecture that is made to efficiently process a wide spectral range of signals including mobile phone, cellular Internet, FM, and various other signals. Copying the cochlea The RF cochlea mimics the framework and function of the biological cochlea, which uses fluid mechanics, piezoelectrics and neural transmission processing to convert sound waves into electric signals that are sent to the brain.