Agendia launches ColoPrint microarray-based 18-gene expression signature for colon cancer Agendia.

ColoPrint offers a definitive relapse risk evaluation for 100 % of most stage II sufferers and eliminates the gray area of indeterminate results within 70 % of sufferers using medical and pathologic elements such as T4-stage and Microsatellite Instability position. In conjunction with clinical factors, ColoPrint further individualizes the relapse risk assessment for cancer of the colon patients. This definitive risk stratification tool increases the identification of patients most likely to benefit from adjuvant therapy.According to the Arthritis Foundation, as much as one in five Us citizens is suffering from one of the more than 100 different joint diseases that constitute arthritis, and another 23 million possess chronic joint pain. Osteoarthritis may be the most common type of arthritis and happens when bone cartilage progressively degenerates. Rheumatoid arthritis is an immunological disorder where the lining of the joints become painfully inflammed. For the acupuncture research Claudia M. Witt of the University INFIRMARY in Berlin, Germany, and her team examined the use of acupuncture as an expansion of routine health care and whether the ramifications of treatment last after therapy is certainly discontinued.