AFFiRiS receives MJFF grant for clinical research of AFFITOPE PD01 The Michael J.

This most recent award takes our partnership to another level, while enhancing the Foundation’s presence in Austria and in European countries on the whole, further solidifying MJFF as an internationally leader in PD study and treatment. Pre-clinical studies also show that the PD01 vaccine stimulates the body’s immune system to create antibodies that bind to the proteins alpha-synuclein, clearing it from the mind and slowing disease progression. Alpha-synuclein may be the major element in the Lewy bodies that are found in the brains of individuals with Parkinson’s. It is a high-priority focus on for MJFF, largely because there is compelling evidence that it may play a role in both idiopathic and rarer genetic instances of PD.15 problem of the journal. In the scholarly study, Siegel’s team followed the sleep habits of 94 people from three hunter-gatherer tribes across various areas of the world: the Hadza folks of Tanzania, the San of Namibia, and the Tsimane of Bolivia. People in every three groups slept typically under 6 just. 5 hours a night, the experts noted. They typically fall asleep about three hours after the sun falls , wake up before sunrise, and do not consider regular naps, the study found. All of that is similar to the sleep practices of people in modern societies, the experts added.