Aetna to acquire health information exchange firm for $500 million Aetna.

The government aims to promote the use of electronic medical information systems by offering billions of dollars in incentive obligations to hospitals and doctors in coming years to use them. Proponents in government and industry say digitized medical information and electronic prescribing can improve individual basic safety and lower costs’ . The Health IT Policy Committee’s quality actions workgroup is certainly drawing up tips for new measures which will make use of the evolving health IT infrastructure’ . The trick is proving it, regarding to a RAND Corp study. .’ The study ‘found most believe home healthcare technology has the potential to relieve pressure on health care systems that will shortly become clogged by elderly sufferers living with chronic diseases.No significant interactions were observed from body-mass index aside. Safety Outcomes There was no significant difference between the sitagliptin group and the placebo group with respect to the overall incidence of infections, cancer, site-reported renal failure, or severe hypoglycemia. In the two study groups, sufferers who acquired at least one severe hypoglycemic episode had a longer mean length of diabetes and had been more often taking insulin. Confirmed acute pancreatitis events were uncommon general but numerically more frequent in the sitagliptin group than in the placebo group . Confirmed pancreatic cancers were also uncommon general but numerically less regular in the sitagliptin group than in the placebo group .