Additional financing to fund Advaxis cervical cancer trials Advaxis.

However, except as supplied in the Notes otherwise, only 85 percent of the original principal amount of every Note is convertible at any time after issuance and the remainder can be convertible at maturity. In connection with the Agreement, the business released a warrant to each investor to acquire up to such amount of shares of Common Share equal to 50 percent of such number of Transformation Shares, issuable upon workout of the Notice issued to such Investor as of the Closing Date with an exercise price of $0.15. This additional financing can help fund the improvement of our trials in cervical cancer in India and in CIN 2/3 in the US, among our other research. We have begun releasing data and intend to continue to share information regarding those trials through the entire first quarter of 2012, commented Advaxis Chairman/CEO Thomas A.Founded in 1938, the March of Dimes funds programs of research, community solutions, education, and advocacy to save lots of babies and in 2003 launched a advertising campaign to address the increasing rate of premature birth.

Accelerated bone turnover remains after weight loss Whenever a person is losing a substantial amount of weight, they expect to notice changes within their body. However, they may overlook changes happening in their bones. During weight reduction through calorie-restricted diet plans, bones are becoming remodeled – wearing down old bone and forming fresh bone – at an accelerated rate. Simultaneously, bone relative density is decreasing, leading to improved fragility. In a fresh study, a University of Missouri researcher and collaborators at the University of Kansas found that the potentially dangerous effects of weight loss on bone persist during fat maintenance pursuing moderate excess weight loss.