Adam Kokesh raided by storm trooper assault group.

Adam Kokesh raided by ‘storm trooper’ assault group, while journalist David Gregory goes free for similar ‘crime’ If you’re obtaining the impression that the Obama ‘Justice’ Department tends to pick and choose which crimes it really wants to pursue and which crimes it really wants to ignore, for purely political reasons, I’d need to say your analysis is normally spot-on . More to the real point, political allies get yourself a move while political enemies are demonized, targeted, pursued and attacked. Take the case of Adam Kokesh, the Marine veterinarian and activist who led an open-carry of firearms protest in Washington lately, D.C.

These draft regulations build upon the numerous initiatives the Government is supporting to fight prescription drug abuse. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of Canada invests around $130 million a season to address addictions and substance abuse in Canada under the National Anti-Medication Strategy. These funds donate to developing tangible and effective solutions to the nagging problems of drug addiction. In 2014, the government committed over $44 million over five years to expand the concentrate of the National Anti-Drug Strategy from illicit medications to include measures to address prescription drug abuse.