According to the first study of the effect in humans.

Acute stress boosts flu shot response in women Ladies who participated in short bouts of physical or mental activity before finding a flu shot produced more antibodies than other ladies, according to the first study of the effect in humans. The finding supports the idea that – – while chronic tension appears to suppress immune function – – severe stress may enhance it. We’re suggesting that the effect of stress could all be in the timing, said business lead author Kate Edwards of the University of Birmingham in England. What we believe is that the acute tension is activating the disease fighting capability; it’s planning it for a concern.A third of President Bush’s HIV budget for AIDS Relief is given to abstinence just programmes which severely limitations the funding designed for other safer sex strategies. The study, including trials comparing teenagers attending abstinence-only programmes to those receiving no sex education, raises questions over whether they function in developed countries. The researchers found that none of the abstinence-only programmes had any effect on the age of which people lost their virginity, whether they had unprotected sex, the amount of sexual partners, the prices of transmitted illnesses or the amount of pregnancies sexually.