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Olympic athletes also project an unrealistic body picture that influences younger rivals and the public watching on television. Related StoriesNegative body image significantly increases obesity risk among adolescentsUNC experts find association between gut microbiota and anorexia nervosaUTHealth researchers provide insights into current understanding of childhood weight problems epidemic’It’s a unique coincidence that the Girls’ Olympic shape skating competition will take place next week, during National Eating Disorders Consciousness Week ,’ noted Dr.Retrospective studies from France, the United Kingdom and holland had similar outcomes. These data led the U.S. Cooperative groups to perform the prospective C10403 study. Biological disease factors other than the treatment also play a role, the researchers point out. High initial white bloodstream cell counts, or the presence of minimal residual disease after the 1st month of therapy, had been associated with poor outcomes. Two-season event-free survival for individuals with a leukemia-particular molecular genetic profile indicating intense disease was 52 % in comparison to 81 % for individuals who lacked the genetic alteration.