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‘The wireless micro-coils are, compared to the wired coils, more individual friendly, easier to setup and cheaper to produce,’ added Jinsong Ouyang, PhD, senior researcher for the scholarly study, from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston also, Mass. ‘The advantages should simple adoption of motion-tracking micro-coils in medical practice.’.. 3D motion-tracked Family pet imaging uses MR micro-coils to reduce movement-related imaging artifacts Magnetic resonance-structured wearable technology accounts for individual movement for clearer data reconstruction and fewer imaging artifacts One of the biggest hurdles of hybrid positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging may be the prevalence of motion artifacts-blurring and ghostly visual anomalies due to patient motion on the table during imaging.You’ll want to limit the use of sunbeds. While analysis into the impact of these types of artificial-tanning gadgets continues, most agree that there’s a direct correlation with malignancy. 8. AVOID CARGINOGENIC CHEMICALS This one ought to be straightforward enough. If you are exposed to carcinogenic – cancer-causing – chemicals and materials, you increase your probabilities of developing the condition. Of course, at work it could not be possible to avoid such material. In this case it’s important that you protect yourself with the correct clothing and handling methods. 9. FOCUS ON STRESS Modern scientific studies have shown links between stress and cancer. While stress could be healthy in small doses, habitual and long-term stress has a negative effect on the physical and mental areas of health.