According to an FDA press release.

A federal judge has entered a permanent injunction against a dietary supplements manufacturer for failing to meet current Good Production Practice regulations. Operations of Miami-structured Sunset Natural Products Inc were halted under the ruling from US Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres . According to an FDA press release, business owners Teresa Martinez and Elsy Cruz will never be permitted to resume business until the agency deems it in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Sunset Natural Items will need to recall and destroy its adulterated products which were manufactured or distributed since April 2, 2014. The business will also need to hire a cGMP professional.

Now we think probably this disturbance [in the penile microbiome] could be a good thing – could have a positive effect,’ says Price. Precisely what function the penile microbiome might play in HIV acquisition is not yet known, but studies suggest that genital bacteria might affect how susceptible the penis is to sexually transmitted viral infections. In uncircumcised men, high bacterial loads might activate cells in the foreskin known as Langerhans cells, preventing them from undertaking their normal part in fending off viruses. Instead, these activated Langerhans cells betray the physical body, binding and delivering HIV particles right to T-cells, where they can initiate an infection.