AccentHealth buys Caervisions Asthma and Allergy waiting space television network AccentHealth.

‘With the regular upsurge in the prevalence of allergy and asthma victims across the nation, the need to educate these individual populations on how best to better treat and manage their condition has never been higher,’ said Dan Rock, CEO of AccentHealth. ‘This deal continues the rapid expansion of our systems and we anticipate working with our new physician office partners.’ Caervision will continue to own and operate its additional networks in veterinary, podiatry, chiropractic, dental and cosmetic practices..Due to these characteristics asbestos was often mixed with other materials. As a result, many items and building materials contained asbestos. Older homes and buildings, especially those built prior to the mid-1970’s, may consist of asbestos in some of their building materials, especially around boilers, ceiling tiles, sprayed coatings, pipe insulation, and conduit. There are three types of asbestos, known as white, brown and blue. Chrysotile or Light asbestos is obtained from serpentine rocks and is the most commonly used in industry. In the usa, chrysotile was most extensively used and was present in a wide selection of materials. Amosite or the Brown asbestos is commonly found in South Africa. The third type is Blue asbestos or Crocidolite.