A way by which carbon can be transferred from the atmosphere to the deep sea.

Artificial improvement of the biological carbon pump by fertilizing the oceans with nutrition has been proposed as a possible geo-engineering ‘fix’ for global warming due to the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide from anthropogenic sources. The reduction in viral infection rates due to artificially adding nutrition to the sea could in the future benefit humans by increasing the effectiveness of the biological carbon pump, producing these proposed sea geo-engineering schemes more viable, stated Dr Rhodes. The study was supported by the Research Councils of the United Kingdom and the ENVIRONMENT Research Council .. Adding nutrients can improve performance of deep ocean biological pump Adding nutrients to the ocean could decrease viral infection prices among phytoplankton and improve the efficiency of the biological pump, a way by which carbon can be transferred from the atmosphere to the deep sea, according to a new mathematical modelling study.Practitioners are strung around three feet in the air dangling from an individual cloth that’s roped through a hook in the ceiling. When you are practicing aerial yoga you have to be sure that you do it safely. If there is any indication that the hook in the ceiling may come out after that you need to find a safer place to bolt your hook. Also, you will definitely need to get a sturdy cloth that will be durable more than enough to hold your entire body weight. You have probably seen the ladies at cirque du solei windup in their rags and then unravel in a dazzling and daring air travel toward the bottom only to stop right before they hit their nose on the stage their ballerina counterparts are dancing on.