A team of French and American scientists.

Professor of UC San Diego Department Medicine, Division of Nephrology – hypertension, have found that – in contrast to earlier assumptions – enzymes for the synthesis of steroids in insects, snails, octopuses and corals used to do nothing that will be used in humans. For a long time it has been assumed that many invertebrate animals share with humans the same steroid hormones and enzymes that synthesize steroids. But our research shows that the method by which toxic chemicals effect the steroid hormone of snails, corals, insects, signaling and can not be transmitted can not be transferred to human diseases.

This unexpected finding led them to hypothesize that these steroid – synthesizing enzymes arose independently from specific pathways of snails and worms for detoxifying environmental chemicals used. This finding shows, when we truly understand the effects of environmental chemicals on steroid synthesis in snails would like worms, octopuses and such animals, human-centered switch from a human-centered viewpoint to snail – centric view, this is the best way to knowledge that may be useful.MSKCC is the global oldest and largest private institution which is to prevention, patient care, research and training for cancer therapy. Of our scientists and clinicians to generate innovative approaches on understand a better, help diagnose and treat. Our specialists are are leading in the biomedical research and in implementation the latest research to enhance the standard of treatment of cancer patients around the world.

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