A new approach to 111 The NHS Alliance Urgent Care Network has just published a discussion paper.

But we need a different focus, for the restoration and improvement of primary health care seeks urgent delivery within general practice and avoids the degradation of existing services that can work better than us under pressure from the growing demand for thought. .. A new approach to 111 The NHS Alliance Urgent Care Network has just published a discussion paper.The aim of this discussion paper is to promote primary health care, patients and the government in the discussion of how the new national number of of the current system can will be implemented to engage bring about efficiency and better care for patients.

Mary Beth Walsh, President, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, White Plains chairman chairman – elect of the section and will role role of the chair in 2009. Mary Blunt, vice president and administrator Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Norfolk, and in 2007 chairman of the section was recently named the AHA Board of Trustees and will serve as the Board liaison to the section in 2008.

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