A late-stage medication development company specialized in oncology and endocrine therapy.

Aeterna Zentaris to present poster on AEZS-130 growth hormones secretagogue/ghrelin receptor agonist at 92nd ENDO Aeterna Zentaris Inc. , a late-stage medication development company specialized in oncology and endocrine therapy, today announced that a poster on its oral synthetic growth hormones secretagogue/ghrelin receptor agonist, AEZS-130, will end up being presented at the upcoming 92nd Annual Endocrine Culture Achieving and Expo, which is held June 19 through 22, 2010 at the NORTH PARK Convention Center in San Diego, California. AEZS-130 ) is currently in a Phase 3 trial as a diagnostic test for growth hormone insufficiency in adults. Abstract No.851112: Pharmacological and Toxicological Evaluation of AEZS-130, a Novel, Oral Synthetic Growth Hormone Secretagogue//Ghrelin Receptor Agonist for the Diagnosis of Growth Hormone Insufficiency , Babette Aicher, Peter Schmidt, Elena Bresciani, Vittorio Locatelli, Daniel Perrissoud, Michael Teifel Presenter: Dr.Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein is usually president of the mind & Behavior Research Foundation in New York City, which supports research into illnesses such as schizophrenia. Borenstein believes a multipronged approach can curb the usage of hospital ERs while a last-resort ‘safety net’ for people with the illness. First, ‘we need to improve our [health care] system so that people with schizophrenia have appropriate usage of outpatient care on an ongoing basis,’ he said. ‘We also have to improve the availability of housing, including supportive housing, to reduce the amount of homeless people who have schizophrenia who result in the ER,’ he added. ‘Finally,’ Borenstein said, ‘we have to continue working to develop fresh and improved forms of treatment, including medicines and additional therapy to help people with schizophrenia business lead productive lives.’ Birnbaum agreed.