A genuine American hero: Female grabs.

The incident ended up landing her in jail immediately, but she premiered the next day without charges had been filed against her. At the prompting of her attorney, Mihamae has didn’t publicly clarify why she grabbed the TSA agent’s breasts. But based on her history of fighting back again against TSA tyranny, it seems apparent that Mihamae is just a no-nonsense traveler who demonstrates a little extra pizazz every now and then – – she apparently flies routinely and almost always ends up getting into an altercation with TSA brokers for violating her rights. Supporters of Mihamae have set up a Facebook support page on her behalf entitled Acquit Yukari Mihamae ( Around this writing, the page had 1,834 supporters and counting. Sources for this story include:.. A genuine American hero: Female grabs, twists breasts of TSA agent in response to ‘enhanced’ screening protocols The next time you are assaulted by TSA agents at the airport terminal that try to force you through the naked body scanner or perform a full-body grope straight down on you, you will want to grab them back simply? This is exactly what 61-year-older Yukari Mihamae recently did at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after TSA agents tried to subject her to the unlawful and unconstitutional enhanced security protocols – – but when she decided to essentially perform the same methods on a TSA agent, law enforcement arrested her on suspicion of sexual misuse.Excerpts of a fresh federal report, attained by The Associated Press, show a dramatic increase in improper obligations in the $440 billion Medicare program that has been cited by federal government auditors as a high risk for fraud and waste materials for 20 years. It isn’t very clear whether Medicare fraud is actually worsening.’ Much of the increase is attributed to better data collection and the new report displays the challenges the government faces to fight fraud: ‘While noting that several new anti-fraud efforts were beginning, the federal government report makes clear that ‘aggressive actions’ to date targeted at reducing improper obligations had yielded small improvement. [President] Obama can be expected to announce brand-new initiatives this arriving week to greatly help crack down on Medicare fraud.