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We believe their comprehensive biospecimen library will be an excellent addition to our current product offerings for researchers in lifestyle sciences.’ Sanguine collects and de-identifies biospecimen, medical history and other data from patients identified as having severe and chronic illnesses for use in biomarker research. Researchers traditionally get biospecimen through hospitals, but this process frequently proves inefficient as the concentrate for staff and physicians is on diagnosis and treatment, not facilitating research efforts.Several hundred serious cases of bacterial meningitis are diagnosed in Australians every full year. Bacterial meningitis is a medical emergency that requires immediate diagnosis and treatment, however doctors have generally faced difficulty in diagnosis, both in children and adults. Professor Tania Sorrell and her team at Westmead Millennium Institute can see a quick and effective diagnostic for determining bacterial meningitis using metabonomics. Metabonomics is the study of the chemical composition of body liquids and tissues.