7 or less with higher fertility and lower rates of chronic disease problems ejaculating.

Evidence from medical studies have shown that curvy curvy female form with a narrow waist to hip ratio of 0.7 or less with higher fertility and lower rates of chronic disease problems ejaculating . Research also shows that that passed when choosing a female, male, 7 or lower waist to hip ratio, which makes sense for those studying evolutionary biology, because a healthy fertile females will increase the chances of the man genes to a new generation tend.

Cashdan proposed properties, such as hormones and androgens in particular. Androgens include testosterone. In women increases the amount of body fat around the waist to the hips opposed This is the apparent disadvantage that works against the evolutionary male preference based theory of. But the advantage is that it brings with it important survival strategy traits for women who rely on their own resources to have to support themselves and their families, properties, such as increased endurance and strength and competitiveness. Another hormone cortisol waist fat waist fat, but it also increases the body’s resistance to stress. Cashdan wrote:.

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