2008: Worldwide sales increased 10.

The midpoint of the 2009 guidance range reflects double-digit growth over 2008 revenue per share. ‘2008 was another highly productive and successful year for Abbott,’ said Miles D. Light, chairman and ceo, Abbott. ‘We considerably outperformed our original development expectations for the entire year and put into our varied portfolio with a substantial number of major new item launches. The strategic activities we’ve taken and our ongoing business momentum placement Abbott to deliver continued double-digit growth in ’09 2009.’ Abbott is confirming previously released earnings-per-share assistance for the full-year 2009 of $3.65 to $3.70 under both Generally Accepted Accounting Concepts and on a non-GAAP, or adjusted basis.LA Times: HIV Drug Resistance Is normally Spreading In Africa, Experts Say Scaling up the distribution of HIV medicine over the last 10 years has vastly elevated the amount of people getting treatment around the world. But with this massive roll-out comes an inevitable and potentially harmful consequence: The Helps virus can more easily develop resistance to these life-conserving drugs . The Associated Press: AIDS Professionals: CONCENTRATE ON Pregnant Women INSUFFICIENT Even in the U.S., infections are concentrated in poor communities increasingly. Here, 1 in 4 people living with HIV is female & most are Hispanic or African-American. The Affordable Care Work is expected to improve treatment for most uninsured Americans with HIV, but several states say they could not expand Medicaid solutions, one key part of that statutory law.