1 mg / L or 100 parts of per billion.

Was originally assumedsubstances in grapefruit juice dangerously Interact with some drugs – has identified New research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and established the substance in grapefruit juice that causes potentially dangerous interactions with certain medications .

Thomas of the Research Triangle Institute.

A report on the new findings appear in the May issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.To determine furanocoumarins furanocoumarins of grapefruit juice interactions, Watkins worked with scientists at the Florida Department of Citrus to selectively remove only the furanocoumarins from the juice. And his colleagues and his colleagues then analyzed influence the effect of the whole juice over furanocoumarin – free juice on the ability to absorb felodipine, an anti – hypertension drug known with grapefruit juice with grapefruit juice And we found, should be possible that removing the furanocoumarins from grapefruit juice was completely rid told himself of this interaction, Watkins..In case of chromic not equal the not equal to the MCL MCLG because analysis methods treatment or technology any restriction. It should be noted that the do not yet have does not yet have deliver an enforceable MCL for the longer toxic form of chromium . – The EPA has the following ‘best available technology ‘ for the removal of chromium set at less than 0.1 mg / L or 100 ppb: a) coagulating / filtration, ion exchange, lime soften, and the reverse osmosis membrane process. Are usually are generally used in large or ‘point of treatment’. However, there are ‘point of use ‘home unit, ion exchange and reverse osmosis processes on that the chromic below the MCL.. Marhaba pointed out that the Environmental Protection Agency set a maximum allowable contaminant level which goal for total chromium at 0.1 mg / L or 100 parts of per billion .

‘The best way the this and other known and United Nations – known contamination from the of water supply a residential a five stage a five-stage reverse osmosis home. They cost about $ 300. If you have your own well, I would advise you testing of hexavalent chromium. ‘.. Marhaba, tasteless. A professor and chairman, department of civil and environmental and director of New Jersey Applied Water Research Centre in NJIT. His expertise in quality of water especially developing what constitutes that the spectral fluorescent signatures used to quickly used to rapidly identify organic compounds to of water has known to. Organic material which could be problematic That SFS looks like a fingerprinting by water, characterization to its organic content Zazzle and permitted researchers to see if the water contains natural or unnatural resources.